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About Chief Chilee

Mixing it up with DJ Chief Chilee 

The story and total breakdown of KCVR CHILEVILLE RADIO


My name is Ronnie Clark Jr aka DJ Chief Chilee an underground Hip-Hop/R&B DJ from Muncie and the west side of Anderson Indiana area.

Chileville Radio was founded in the year 2017 by founder DJ Chief Chilee location in Oklahoma City. The choice of equipment that I use is NS7II (Numark Performance Controller with Serato ITCH). I got radio drops from ( to put in my mix. For my radio play, I use SAM Broadcaster. I always wanted to be a Dj on the radio so... in the year 2014, I went to a computer-based radio broadcasting school, Certification at American Broadcasting School Online in Del City, Oklahoma.

 Then I created my own online radio station platform and began to work hard at my craft by learning more skills that are associated with the music industry. My style of music that I play from mid-80's old and new school Hip-Hop and R&B. Check out the Basement Mix on Friday and Saturday. Thank you in advance and Welcome to KCVR Chileville Radio

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